Late luck: Police returned Missing Wallet after 51 years, the person was shocked after opening it

It took 51 years for a person living in America to get his lost purse back. Recently, when the police informed the person about getting the purse, his happiness knew no bounds. The special thing is that all the documents in the purse are safe.

Washington: It is a matter of luck to find the lost goods. The luck of a person living in America also woke up, but it took too much time. This person found his lost wallet after about 51 years. The good thing is that all his necessary documents are present in the purse. The person is happy on getting the purse, but he feels that if the police had worked well, it could have been possible long ago.

Wallet was lost in 1970

According to the news of ‘New York Post’, this incident is from Kansas State of America. Police said that in 1970 a person’s purse was lost. At that time, even after a lot of searching, nothing was found of him, but now the purse has been found. However, Great Bend Police did not say where the purse was found. Based on the documents found in the purse, the police traced its owner Lawrence and returned his purse to him.

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time taken to remember the incident

When the police contacted Lawrence, it took them time to remember the incident. But as soon as he remembered everything, he immediately recognized the purse. Lawrence is surprised that many of the documents inside the purse are still the same as they were at the time of the theft. All the documents like social security card and driving license should be found safe in the purse.

Hand Made Wallet

The Great Bend Police Department said that a purse was recently recovered, which contained several items including a Social Security card and a driver’s license. The license expired in 1974 itself. After this the officials contacted the owner of the purse and handed it over. The man told the police that his handmade purse was lost somewhere in the 1970s. He had also written a complaint, but no trace of the purse was found.


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