Leaving the worry of starvation, Kim Jong-Un is busy watching the feats of the soldiers, the video is going viral

A video of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is going viral on social media, in which he is applauding after seeing the soldiers’ show of strength. It is worth noting that the country is facing starvation conditions and dictators are busy watching feats.

Pyongyang: North Korea is going through starvation-like situations, but there is no wrinkle on the face of dictator Kim Jong-Un. On the contrary, they are applauding after seeing the power display of the soldiers. A video is going viral on social media, in which North Korean soldiers are performing martial arts and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is clapping after seeing them. North Korea’s state media also telecasted the event live.

Kim couldn’t stop herself

It can be seen in the video that North Korean soldiers are breaking bricks from the head. A soldier breaks two bottles with his hands and lies on the glass lying on the ground. While some soldiers are seen turning sticks from the neck. At the end of this program, a soldier was also seen breaking the chain wrapped around him. Seeing the bravery of the soldiers, Kim Jong Un also did not stop without clapping.

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Trying to warn the US

It is believed that this demonstration has been done to warn the US and those countries that repeatedly threaten North Korea with action. Let us tell you that after North Korea’s missile test, tensions with America are at its peak. Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, claimed to have tested a hypersonic missile a few days ago. A month earlier, he had fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles. South Korea, Japan and the US also reacted strongly to these missile tests of North Korea.

UN report showed the mirror

On the other hand, the United Nations Human Rights Commission has warned that North Korea has reached the verge of serious starvation. The commission said that the situation in North Korea has worsened due to the Corona restrictions imposed by Kim Jong Un. Due to the collapse of the economy, a large number of poor are facing problems. The report urges the United Nations to ease sanctions imposed on North Korea’s nuclear programs.


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