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Washington: The US state of Utah is special in many ways. Of all the hills that exist here, there is one that is home to hundreds of people. These people are neither indigenous, nor immigrants, nor banjaras, but because of a particular belief, they have formed their own separate community (Bijar community) by associating themselves with an old religious belief. All of these people believe in a radical Mormon where every man has more than one wife.

How did polygamy begin?

Many families live inside a big rock here. This particular rock is called the Rockland Ranch. This farm looks like ordinary rock but it is a residential area. The Mormons who lived here came here in the 1970s. This cult was started by Bob Foster. We tell you that Foster was a teacher who had 3 wives and 38 children. In America, polygamy is not allowed, so Bob Foster was sentenced to prison. When he was released from prison, he formed his own community and lived with all his wives in this Rockland Ranch, isolated from the rest of the world.

‘Having more wives opens the door to heaven’

The people of this community believe that the door to heaven opens after death if there is more than one wife. So there is no harm in it. Some of the Christian fanatics who agreed with this view also began to live with him in the Rockland Ranch, which gradually became a large family. It is now believed that many people living there are still Bob Foster’s children. The Rockland Ranch was blown up with dynamite from many places, creating many small caves. Now people build houses and live in these caves and the number of houses increases as the family grows. In the early stages, there was only one generator and no toilet facilities.

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Demand for recognition of polygamy

The Mormon community has become self-sufficient. They have their own separate farm. They have a source of solar energy, a poultry farm. They have extensive business. This community has developed itself over time so it has grown rapidly. They now have roads connecting to highways. In fact, polygamy is not recognized in America, which is why Bob Foster was sent to prison. Therefore, people who believe in the ideology of polygamy have established a world of their own, separate from the mainstream of the rest of society.

The Senate passed the bill

This community has been demanding that polygamy not be considered a crime for a long time. Utah MPs also voted in favor of the bill. On February 20, 2020, senators unanimously passed a bill to make polygamy a crime, according to a report published on the American News website abcnews. Whereas earlier polygamy was also a crime in this state for which there could be five years imprisonment.

‘There is no division between wives, all mothers love children’

According to American media reports, the people here are peace loving, all the wives of a man love each other. According to many American newspapers, including the New York Times, these people believe that polygamy is not imposed on them, but is their own choice. In addition to going to school here, the children work in their fields and poultry farms. Here men have a responsibility to keep in touch with their family members. The children of this community say that they love all their mothers.

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