McDonald’s employees were upset by the move, becoming famous on Twitter for resigning 12 words.

McDonald’s employee quits: The employee wrote these few words on an A4 size paper, ‘The outlet is closed because I quit my job. I hate this work. And left with the lock.

Washington: Whether you have worked in the service sector or if someone close to you is involved in the service industry, you must be well aware of its challenges. This mention here is because what an employee in the same field in America did when he was annoyed by the time and work situation is now being discussed all over the world through the internet.

12 word resignation

In fact, the McDonald’s employee in Louisville, USA, angrily locked the outlet, announced his resignation, and then went home. However, you may be surprised to learn what he did when he left. In a country with a huge population like India it may be a bit difficult or impossible but in the powerful and rich countries of the world this kind of practice is now slowly becoming common.

According to a report in The Sun, the worker was on one of the tables and chairs outside the outlet. It has been blocked from taking prints from its own store. In that note, written on an A4 size paper, the employee wrote, ‘The outlet is closed because I quit my job. I hate this work.

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The former employee has publicly quit his job as much as possible. Of course in desperation he made this decision. The creativity of this McDonald’s employee has made it a reality in the smallest and very few words of resignation. The image went viral on Twitter and netizens said the note was just a design letter.

The case in the first of June

Earlier this month, when a Twitter user noticed it while walking the streets of his city, he posted it on his social media accounts. He jokingly wrote the note while sharing this photo of the Louisville branch on Twitter, ‘Spotted at our local McDonald’s outlet.’

Got Twitter support

Describing this unprecedented decision as courageous, hundreds of people wrote on Twitter praising the courage of this employee, ‘One person wrote,’ to put this note in the front door of my office tomorrow morning. ‘
Another user joked that the employee should have written that the milkshake machine was not working. Describing his experience, the third wrote that I should have done the same thing when I left my cashier post job at Walmart.

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