News of relief in the threat of Omicron, the expert said when the virus will be normal

New Delhi. On the one hand, there is growing concern around the world about the growing case of Corona (Covid-19). At the same time, health experts predict that normal life may return to normal by April next year. He says Covid-19 will weaken by April and become “another cause of the common cold.”

Corona’s threat will end in April

Professor Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, made a startling but good announcement at the BBC breakfast this morning. He said Corona’s influence is about to end in the future. It will become like a common virus and disease. After which it is thought that no new restrictions will apply to England before the new year, nor will it.

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Covid-19 will be like a common cold-cough

Speaking about the shortage of NHS staff due to staff isolation, Hunter said that Covid is not being eliminated, it is just a virus that is a cause for concern after April 2022, according to a report in the Daily Star. . He claimed that after April, Kovid-19 would become a common virus, which would cause common cold.

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There is less danger than Omicron

“It’s a disease that is not going away, the infection is not going away, although it will not last long as a serious disease,” he said. Talking about the new variant of Corona Omicron, he said that this new variant is much more contagious than Delta. But in terms of risk, it is still 50-60% lower than Delta.

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