Norway: A person suddenly came out on the road with arrows and bows, killed 5 people

Man killed 5 in Bow and Arrow Attack in Norway: 5 people have died in a shocking incident in Norway. The attacker attacked people with arrows and bows and killed people.

Stockholm: A shocking incident has come to light in Norway. There was chaos near the capital Oslo on Tuesday night when a man carrying an arrow and bow went out into the street and started attacking people. Around 5 people have died in the attack and many others have been injured. Norwegian police said the suspected attacker had been arrested.

attacker arrested

Kongsberg city police chief Oywind Aas said the man who attacked the people had been arrested by police. At present, no other accused are being sought.

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The incident happened at around 6.30 pm on October 13, according to Norwegian local time. The place where this attack took place is located about 60 kilometers from Oslo. According to the police, the suspected attacker came out on foot in the city and started attacking with arrows and bows. The attacker has been arrested by the police. He is under interrogation.

The man also started shooting arrows at the police

According to the police chief, the attacker first targeted the people present at a busy intersection in the city. After that he ran towards the nearby areas. The police chased him. The police had also deployed helicopters and bomb squads to chase down the accused. The attacker was arrested from Draiman area, 25 km from the spot. During this he also tried to attack the police.


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