Police arrested 8 months pregnant teacher, you will be shaken knowing the reason

The news that has disturbed the student-teacher relationship in America has come to the fore. Here the police has arrested a female teacher for having a relationship with her own minor student. It is worth noting that the aggrieved student has denied the allegations against the teacher.

Washington: Police has arrested a pregnant teacher in Florida, USA. After the reason for the arrest came out, people are very angry with the teacher. The lady teacher is accused of having a relationship with her minor student. The most shocking thing is that she reportedly became pregnant after this affair.

Police is interrogating

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’, the name of the accused 41-year-old teacher is Harry Clavi. Heri is accused of having an affair with a 15-year-old student and is now pregnant with her student’s child. Presently she is 8 months pregnant. The police have arrested the teacher and interrogation is going on.

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Case registered on many charges

The teacher is accused of having a relationship with a minor as well as ignoring the safety of the children and bringing a gun to the school. At the same time, the victim child has denied all the allegations against the teacher. He says that the teacher did not sexually abuse him, whatever happened happened on his own free will. However, the consent of the minor does not matter in law. So the teacher will have to face trial.

Preparing to drop out of school

The student’s friends have told the police that they had seen the teacher and his obscene videos and photos in the victim’s phone. A police spokesman says that Harry is 8 months pregnant, but they cannot give concrete information about whose child is. Meanwhile, officials at Miami Dade County Public Schools say that Harry had not been to school since March, and was sent to work at a different school center. After the arrest, the process of expelling the teacher has been started and now she will not be able to teach in any other school in the district.


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