Real Hero: Three young men climb out of building pipes to save children, video goes viral

Three young men stood in line and watched as they climbed into the apartment with the help of pipes to save their lives. Not only did he bring the kids out safely, he also showed great team spirit.

MoscowAn apartment in the Russian city of Kostroma has caught fire. Some children were trapped in the fire, three young men lined up to save them, and they were seen climbing into the apartment with the help of pipes. Not only did he bring the kids out safely, he also showed great team spirit. What is special is that none of these young men were firefighters, but all three were ordinary young men.

The video went viral on social media

In the video, a man is holding a pipe in one hand and pulling the baby in the other. The children are trying to get out of the window. A lot of smoke is coming out of the house due to the fire. People standing across the street made a video of the whole incident, which is going viral on social media.

Rescue trapped children at an altitude of 30 meters

In the video, the man is seen trying to hold the baby with one hand and holding the drain pipe about 30 meters above the ground with the other. Once he grabbed the baby, he similarly sent it to the person below, stuck in the pipe. The second person then gives the baby to the third and the baby is then handed over to a woman standing on the ground.

Nominated for Heroism Award

The men who saved the boys have been nominated for the Bravery Award for their heroic efforts. Thousands of people have watched the video and are praising him.


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