Relief in the fear of Omicron, America has reduced the duration of quarantine

New York: Amid growing threats from Omicron, the United States has reduced the quarantine period for patients infected with the corona virus from 10 days to five days. Also, this period has been reduced for those who come in close contact with patients. Officials at the country’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) said the guidelines were issued two days before and three days after the onset of symptoms, citing growing evidence of coronary heart disease.

Challenges to face

According to experts, preliminary research suggests that Omicron may cause milder symptoms than previous forms of coronavirus, but more people are being infected and quarantine centers, airlines and other businesses are open. Creating a related challenge. Rochelle Valensky, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said there were many cases of Omicron in the country. All of these cases are not serious and many patients do not show symptoms. We want to ensure a system so that we can follow science and carry on the activities of the society safely.

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Masks should be worn everywhere

According to the new guidelines, after being infected, people will now have to stay in quarantine for five days and will be able to return to work if there are no symptoms after the five-day period, but at least others will have a mask. Must be worn everywhere for five days, even at home. If symptoms persist after five days of isolation, they should be kept at home until they recover.

Biden appealed to the people

Earlier, US President Joe Biden called on the public to exercise caution in light of the growing case of Corona. “The number of hospitalized patients is increasing, so people need to be more vigilant,” he said. But he also made it clear that America is ready to deal with another wave of the Corona.

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