Russia will not give asylum to Afghan people, Putin says – terrorists in disguise of refugees do not want

Russia has explicitly refused to grant asylum to those fleeing Afghanistan. Russia says it does not want to disrupt its peace by sheltering refugees.

Moscow: Russia has explicitly refused to grant asylum to those fleeing Afghanistan. Russia has said it does not want terrorists to enter the country in the guise of refugees.

‘Terrorists don’t want refugees in disguise’

“We do not want terrorists from Afghanistan to enter our country in the guise of refugees,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin. We have faced all this before. So now we don’t want to repeat old things. We will work with our Western allies for the stability of Afghanistan but we cannot give shelter to its people in our country.

Vladimir Putin was addressing a delegation of the United Russia party on Sunday. “It’s not just about Afghanistan,” he said. We do not want militants in Afghanistan or anywhere in our country.

‘I don’t want to repeat the old situation’

Putin (Vladimir Putin) said, ‘I do not want to repeat the situation from the 1990s to the 2000s. In fact, at that time we were fighting in the North Caucasus and a lot of militants had entered the country in the guise of refugees. Who caused a lot of terror in the country. Now we are seeing the same scene in Afghanistan. Peace is prevailing in our country at present. We do not want to lose this peace by settling refugees.

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‘Steps to save Syria from terrorism’

Russian President Putin said, “Why are we taking action in Syria? We do not want a situation like the one in Afghanistan to develop in Syria and turn it into a nursery for terrorists. He said the foreign ministry would work efficiently on this issue related to national security. He thanked the opposition parties in Parliament for their cooperation.

Opposition to the settlement of Afghans in Central Asian countries

Putin said Western countries were trying to temporarily resettle Afghan refugees in Central Asian countries. This will threaten Russia’s security. He said there were no visa restrictions between Russia and its Central Asian allies. In such a situation, once entering these countries, any terrorist can reach Russia in the guise of a refugee.

Let us tell you that thousands of people are looking for a way to leave the country after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Hundreds of people are flocking to the Central Asian countries of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan for shelter. The two countries share a border with Afghanistan and have a visa-free travel agreement with Russia.

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