Scientists claim that summer ice from the Arctic Ocean will disappear due to global warming

Returning from a 389-day voyage to the North Pole, the team brought evidence of the devastating damage caused by global warming. It also contains evidence of ice disappearing from the Arctic Ocean in the summer.

Berlin: The damage caused by global warming has now reached a point where it cannot be remedied. That means we have to live with this change and loss now. It’s about Professor Marcus Rex, the scientist who conducted the largest Arctic expedition ever.

The sea ice is lost

Professor Marcus Rex said: “The disappearance of summer ice from the Arctic Ocean is understood to have caused a great deal of damage to global warming. This summer’s ice will disappear from the sea in the next few decades. Professor Rex has led the largest tour ever to the North Pole. In it, 300 scientists from 20 countries took part in the research. The voyage lasted 389 days and returned to Germany last October.

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100 crore has been spent on travel

This team of scientists came up with some startling evidence from a trip to the North Pole, which shows that summer ice will disappear from the Arctic Ocean in a few decades. The team came up with 150 terabytes of data related to the search and more than a thousand ice samples. Let us tell you that 140 million euros (১ 165 million or more) has been spent on this exploration trip to find out the damage caused by global warming.

The biggest loss in 2020

Scientists say the Arctic Ocean ice has shrunk the most in the spring of 2020. That’s because sea ice has a record low in the summer, with more snow falling in 2020 since then. “The sea ice this summer was only half that of the previous decade,” Rex said.


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