Sri Lanka: Sanitizer was kept in jail to protect against Corona, 2 prisoners committed suicide by drinking

Sanitizer kept for rescue in Sri Lankan prison became the cause of death of two prisoners. These prisoners were in jail for drug smuggling.

Colombo: A shocking case of suicide has come to light from the same sanitizer, which has been included in the major preventive measures during the Corona period. The case is of Sri Lanka. 12 inmates drank sanitizer in jail. After this there was a stir. When the condition worsened, all the prisoners were hurriedly admitted to the hospital, where two prisoners died.

10 prisoners hospitalized

Two Iranian prisoners lodged in a Sri Lankan jail committed suicide by drinking sanitizer. In this regard, Chandana Eknayke, spokesperson of Colombo Remand Jail, said on Thursday that both the Iranians were arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Colombo Remand Jail spokesperson Chandana Eknayke said that 12 inmates who consumed sanitizer were admitted to the prison hospital, of which 10 are undergoing treatment and two Iranian prisoners died. All these people were on remand for drug smuggling.

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Didn’t take any step due to intoxication?

During the lockdown in Maharashtra amid Coronavirus, a case of death of 3 people due to consumption of sanitizer was reported. All three drank the sanitizer after not getting alcohol, after which they died. After drinking the sanitizer, all three were admitted to a hospital after burning in the mouth, burning in the stomach, vomiting, nausea, where they died. Therefore the question arises whether even these prisoners had drunk the sanitizer in the midst of intoxication.

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