Standing near the burning candle, the boy was applying deodorant, then there was a loud explosion, hardly survived

One mistake while using deodorant can prove to be fatal. A boy living in London applied deodorant standing near a burning candle and with the explosion the whole house caught fire. Firefighters extinguished the fire with great difficulty.

London: Due to a 13-year-old boy in Britain, the lives of many people came into trouble. Actually, it happened that the boy used deodorant while standing near the burning candle, due to which the fire started and there was chaos in the whole building. About 70 firefighters reached the spot and doused the fire. The accident happened at night in a multistorey building in London.

Candle was kept near

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, the 13-year-old boy has been admitted to the hospital. The boy’s mother told that the accident happened when her son was using deodorant. He said, ‘When the son was applying deodorant, then a T-light candle was kept nearby. A few splashes of deodorant went on it and suddenly a fire broke out.

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Explosion broken windows

The fire was accompanied by a loud explosion, which shattered the glass of the bedroom windows. After that the fire started spreading. Meanwhile, someone called the fire brigade. In a short time, about 70 firefighters reached the spot and after a lot of hard work, they brought the fire under control. After this accident that happened at around 8 pm, the people of the building ran down to save their lives.

badly burnt boy

A minor boy has been badly burnt in this accident. There have been many injuries especially on his stomach and hand. The victim has been admitted to the hospital. The boy’s mother said, ‘I had gone to buy something nearby when the accident happened. Called my daughter and told that there was an explosion in the house. When I reached home immediately, I found that there is fire everywhere. Explain that it is advised to be careful while using things like deodorant or sanitizer. There is a danger of fire from them.


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