The big claim about Corona’s new drug would be to be effective in saving patients from death

The combination of monoclonal antibodies is made by Regernon and is effective in those who do not make antibodies after being infected with the corneal virus.

Washington: The University of Oxford has identified in one of its recovery tests that monochromatic antibodies can save the lives of patients who do not produce antibodies after being infected with corona.

According to the test report, the scientists have prepared a cocktail that can reduce the mortality of their patients who do not have Covid antibodies at all. This cocktail is prepared with man-made antibodies, which can greatly reduce the incidence of death.

It was a recovery test, according to a report in The Guardian. In which many patients were included in the study.

The fight against the virus is effective

According to the Oxford University study, scientists have now found a third drug that can help patients recover in hospital. In addition, scientists claim that this is the only medicine that will be directly effective in the fight against the virus. Typically, medications fight and affect inflammation in the body in the later stages of covid.

The combination of monoclonal antibodies was developed by Regernon and is effective in patients who do not produce antibodies after being infected with the coronavirus.

Professor Sir Peter Harbi, Joint Chief Investigator of the Recovery Trial, said it was important that we could start antiviral treatment in such cases. Such patients die without treatment where antibodies are not produced and we can reduce this risk among them, save such patients.

These results came out of the test

This drug is a cocktail of two lab-made monoclonal antibodies, Casirivimab and Impadevim. This prevents the virus from entering the cells. It has been tried in America and its results were effective for people who were given this drug at an early stage.

If there are antibodies, the drug has no effect.

The incidence of death in the experiment was reduced by 30 percent in patients who did not make antibodies themselves after being infected. At the same time, 6 out of every 100 patients can be saved. In addition, his hospital stay was reduced to 4 days and he could be saved from running a ventilator. Although people who already have antibodies, these drugs do not affect them.


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