The boss asked to buy new clothes with money, the woman sued; Here is the decision of the court

London: A British woman living in Britain has filed a lawsuit against her boss for asking her to come to the office dressed properly. The woman complained to the employment tribunal alleging sexual discrimination against the boss. However, the tribunal dismissed his complaint and ruled in his favor. The issue is being discussed in Britain.

Free hair treatment is also offered

According to the Daily Mail, hairdresser Lisa Thompson worked in a salon. One day when he arrives at the office, salon owner Luke Daniels asks about his messy hair and clothes. Daniel gave Lisa 100 100 and asked her to buy the first clothes and cut her hair. The boss even offered Lisa a free hair treatment worth £ 150. However, Lisa felt humiliated by the boss’s behavior and filed a lawsuit against him.

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‘Discrimination on the basis of age and gender’

Lisa Thompson said in her complaint that she was discriminated against on the basis of age and gender. She told the employment tribunal that Luke Daniels, the owner of the salon, had made derogatory remarks about her clothes and hair, which made her feel humiliated. However, the judge dismissed all his allegations and ruled in favor of the boss.

I also bought chewing gum

Thompson worked for 16 months at the Urban Angels Saloon in Nevenby, Lincolnshire. When she arrived at the office on June 12, 2019, the boss commented on her unkempt hair and clothes. Thompson told the Employment Tribunal that he went to the saloon despite having a leg injury. While he was talking to a client, the boss grabbed him and pulled him aside and made derogatory remarks on his clothes and hair. The boss also stopped him from eating chewing gum.

This argument of the salon owner comes in handy

Luke Daniels said in his defense that he told Lisa Thompson in a professional manner that he should come in good clothes, because it affected the image of the salon. Daniels told the tribunal that Lisa’s disheveled hair and clothes were not suitable for the salon worker at all. He was also chewing gum from above. The judge, after hearing the arguments of both, ruled in favor of Luke Daniels, the owner of the saloon.


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