The elderly woman said the dog’s concubine had attacked, bitten and worse

Berlin: The quarrel between the two women over teaching discipline to the pet dog turned into a quarrel. The 51-year-old woman bit the owner of the 27-year-old dog so badly that she had to be taken to hospital. The matter is currently in court and is being discussed everywhere. The incident took place in East Germany.

Leg injuries due to falling

According to reports on our partner website WION, the 27-year-old woman was walking her dog when the older woman arrived and started talking to the dog about teaching discipline. His wife got angry when he hit the dog. However, as the old lady became more aggressive, she grabbed the dog’s concubine and bit her hard. The woman fell in the sudden attack, causing serious injuries to her legs.

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The dog stared silently

After the incident, the victim lodged a complaint against the accused. The matter is currently pending in the court. Police said the dog was silently watching the entire incident, but did not attack the accused. According to German rules, a pet dog has to walk for at least an hour twice a day. We tell you that the most popular breed in Germany is the German-Shepard.

The dog was brought home in a private jet

Most people love their pet dog like a child and do not hesitate to do anything about it. An Australian couple recently rented a private jet from New Zealand to bring home their stray dog. He has spent thousands of dollars for this. The dog has been dubbed ‘Million Dollar Munchkin’ on social media.


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