The mosque supported hatred and jihad, but was shut down by the French government

Paris: France has taken major steps against Islamic fundamentalism and closed a controversial mosque. The imam of the mosque has been accused of spreading hatred against Christians, homosexuals and Jews and of supporting jihad in the name of khutbah. The government says the decision to close the mosque was taken because of the extremist nature of the imam of the Beauvais mosque in northern France. Built in the town of Beauvais with a population of 50,000, about 100 km from Paris, the mosque will remain closed for the next six months.

The process has already begun

The Daily Mail reports that officials in the province of Ois said the mosque was being used to promote hatred, violence and jihad. Due to this the mosque has been kept closed for next 6 months. French Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin began the process of closing the site two weeks ago. Dormanin said the imam was targeting Christians, homosexuals and Jews in his speech, which is unacceptable.

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Imam has recently converted to Islam

Local authorities were asked to collect 10 days’ notice before taking legal action. Officials told the AFP news agency on Tuesday that the mosque would now be closed in two days. It is said that the imam of the mosque has recently converted to Islam. At the same time, a lawyer for the mosque’s governing body said the imam’s words had been taken incorrectly. However, he has still been suspended.

The association’s claim was rejected

Officials say the association claims the imam rarely preached from the mosque and has now been suspended, when in fact he was a regular visitor to the mosque. He said the imam used words like jihad, war against the enemies of Islam to spread hatred against Christians, homosexuals and Jews. The terrorist threat in the country remains at a very high level and the purpose of stopping is to stop terrorist activities.


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