The neighbor wrote such a complaint at the festival, and whoever read it became emotional

London: In today’s age of cutting throat competition and social media, the trend of correspondence has come down to almost zero. It was hardly a decade ago, when home phone calls came to India, that people became adept at sending short messages via short message service (SMS). Since then, the chatting and calling apps that came in the age of smartphones and WhatsApp have finally put the hammer to ruin human handwriting, and that exact habit has almost disappeared.

Viral letter

People are getting mentally and physically ill due to social media addiction. Now the situation is such that even at the festival, people get busy on their mobiles again, quickly get rid of the tradition by writing congratulations through emojis. In such a situation, a short letter written for Christmas in the UK is going viral.

Fancy light rabbit trouble

According to the Daily Mail, during the festive season, a man installed fancy lights in his house that disturbed the whole area, but the neighbor who caused the most trouble, wrote a letter wishing him a Merry Christmas. Writing is now viral.

Solution with gifts

Neighbors also sent gifts with letters. Where it was written that you must feel that this is an unusual note. You take it as a good neighbor. If you can’t take it for yourself, please keep it for my wife and me. We can’t sleep. Your fancy light keeps us awake all night. I’m getting sick of it. If you do not need light all night, please use this timer. I set the time from 8.30 pm to 11.00 pm. You can set it according to you. Thank you very much with best wishes. ‘

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Emotional people

When the information of this letter was posted on social media, there was a storm of reaction. People say that today, when people start shouting or calling the police directly to catch the fault of others, the path taken by this person is less appreciated than the pointless argument. At the same time, some users have called it the sweetest letter of 2021.

How was it revealed?

Some users have said that in today’s world, people don’t write letters to anyone anyway. People have become addicted to smart phones. Unfortunately, the reason people have become addicted to mobile phone use is now showing ads on the same forum to get rid of that addiction. We tell you that the person who wrote this letter of complaint, when he showed it to his relatives, he posted it on his wall, then people made it viral by hand.

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