The secret of the royal mummy of the 3500 year old Pharaoh of Egypt has been revealed for the first time

New Delhi: The mummy of King Pharaoh Amenhotep of Egypt was unveiled digitally for the first time to unravel the mystery of this mummy. This mummy was discovered in 1881. This 3500 year old mummy is in danger of being destroyed when it is opened physically, so scientists are opening it digitally.

Each layer of the mummy has been digitally removed

According to our partner website WION, Dr. Sahar Selim, a radiologist at the Egyptian Mummy Project and Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, says that each layer of the mummy has been digitally removed, including a face mask and a bandage wrapped around the mummy. We can then study how Pharaoh’s mummy was so well protected.

No archaeologist has tried to open it

We tell you that the 3500 year old mummy was fragile, so no archaeologist has tried to open it. It is believed that this is the only glorious mummy that was discovered long ago but has not yet been opened for study. This mummy was decorated with a wooden mask and a garland of flowers.

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Each layer of this mummy has opened

Scientists scanned each layer of the mummy with three-dimensional computerized tomography. Amenhotep I was about 35 years old at the time of his death and was 169 centimeters or 5.5 feet tall.

30 amulets and a unique gold waist were also found

Inside the mummy wrap were found about 30 amulets and a unique gold waist. The cause of his death could not be ascertained from this study. Selim said the king had curly hair, a short nose and a small chin. The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine on Tuesday.

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