The time capsule found under the 130-year-old statue, find out why it is used

Richmond: A long-time time capsule has been found buried under a 130-year-old statue of a general named Robert E. Lee in Virginia, USA. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam tweeted about receiving this time capsule. Northam tweeted, ‘They found it!’

This time capsule was mentioned in the 1887 newspaper.

“Everyone was probably looking for this time capsule,” he said. In 1887, a newspaper article stated that the time capsule was hidden under a statue of General Robert E. Lee. This time capsule contains buttons, coins, maps, rare pictures of Abraham Lincoln and much more.

The governor tweeted a picture of the time capsule

The governor tweeted that the box would be scanned by X-rays and would be opened on Tuesday at 1:00 PM (1800 GMT). We tell you that Robert E. Lee commanded the North Virginia Army during the Civil War. In 1890, his statue was erected in Richmond, the former capital of the Union.

A time capsule the size of a shoe box

We tell you that this time capsule is in the shape of a shoe box. A time capsule was found during excavations at the base of the statue. The governor also posted a picture of the copper box in his tweet. Earlier, a coin with three books and a picture was found in a time capsule.

What is a time capsule?

A time capsule is a container. It is prepared with certain ingredients. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand any weather. It is buried deep in the ground. There is no harm in being buried deep in the ground for thousands of years. To make it, special metals are used along with other metals.

Why are time capsules buried?

The history of a society, period, culture is stored in the time capsule. So that in the future people can get information about this period. It gives us information about history.

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