The two brothers threatened to rob the bank to increase the number of followers, the court said

YouTube stars Alan and Alex Stokes commit a bank robbery. Because of both, police charged an innocent Uber driver and pointed a gun at him.

In the cycle of growing followers on social media, people nowadays go through what-ifs. Such an incident has come up in California, USA. Where the twin brothers risked the lives of a cab driver and a policeman to increase followers on YouTube.

In fact, YouTube stars Alan and Alex Stokes did a prank to rob the bank. Because of both, police charged an innocent Uber driver and pointed a gun at him. Now U.S. courts have found both brothers guilty in the case and sentenced them for doing social work.

What is the whole matter?

According to a Yahoo News report, in October 2019, YouTuber Allen and Alex planned to make a broken video of the bank robbery. He called an Uber driver. At this time, the two brothers were wearing dark colored clothes and masks. He also carried a bag full of counterfeit notes. Unbeknownst to them, the Uber driver considered them both thieves and refused to let them sit in the cab. Both brothers were secretly making videos at the time.

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Police opened fire on the driver

Meanwhile, a man who was watching the whole incident from a distance called the police. He told police that thieves were trying to steal cars here. Police then came and pointed a gun at the driver. However, the driver later reported the whole incident to the police, who then released him. A case has been filed against both the brothers. Now the court has given its verdict in this case.

Work has been done to increase followers

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said anyone could die because of such a crime. The attorney said it was extremely irresponsible and negligent. These two boys preferred to raise followers rather than protect police officers and innocent Uber drivers. Both brothers were sentenced to 1,160 hours of community service. Please note that both brothers are famous YouTubers. He has millions of subscribers on YouTube. In addition to the ticket, three crore people follow them.


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