The vaccine to make someone a ‘superhero’ is coming, now no one can do anything!

Soon superhero vaccine: One person at least once in his entire life thought, ‘If only I had the power to be a superhero.’ A professor of genetics has made a startling claim about such human aspirations. He said that in the future there will be a vaccine that will make you a ‘superhero’. This does not mean that you will start flying or that the rays will start coming out of your eyes. This simply means that the vaccine will make you stronger. It will have the power to fight disease. Or to put it another way, after getting this vaccine, you probably won’t get sick like the ‘superhero’.

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Professor Dr. made a startling claim

Yuan Ashley, a professor of genetics at Stanford University, has called for a ‘superhero vaccine’. He says a vaccine that will protect people from Alzheimer’s and heart disease will come in the near future. He says the vaccine will keep people healthy for life and will not cause any problems in old age. That means a person can live fearlessly like a superhero.

Olympic athlete’s cell will be used!

He said the body of an Olympic athlete would be used for the vaccine. The vaccine will be prepared with the help of standard cells of the body of the athletes. Because the immune system of an athlete is much better than that of a normal human being, their cells are also stronger.

Not a miracle in the medical world

Professor Ashley said that genomic medicine has been working hard for decades. In the changing times, it is not impossible to create rapid superhero vaccines using the latest technology. If it is ready, it will be nothing less than a miracle in the medical world.

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The power to fight deadly diseases

He added that in the future, genes in the human body could be repaired through genetic engineering. Not only that, but human DNA can also be changed, he said. Both of these things will benefit a person to be able to overcome the disease easily. Or the human body’s immune system will be stronger against deadly diseases.

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