The woman had gone to the washroom in the morning; back to back

As soon as the woman went to the washroom in the morning, a python was sitting on the toilet seat with a coil. Seeing this sight, the woman’s senses were blown away. Later his friends caught the dragon.

New Delhi. If you wake up early in the morning and go to get fresh and if something scary comes in front of you then what will happen to your condition? Something similar happened with Laura Tranter, who lives in Stourbridge, England. In fact, when she entered the washroom in the morning, a python came in front of her, after which she was so scared that she came back on the opposite foot.

According to a news published in the English newspaper The Sun, when this 34-year-old Laura Tranter saw a big snake inside the washroom, she was very scared. He told his friends about this incident. Laura’s condition was so bad because of fear that her friends thought she was drunk. However, later when Laura’s words came out to be true, she called the RSPCA and got the python caught.

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england python

friends didn’t trust

According to the information, when Laura opened the toilet door, there was a python sitting inside the toilet seat. He couldn’t believe it the first time. After this he went and saw twice, then he was convinced that the python was actually wrapped in the toilet bowl. This incident happened at 5:30 in the morning. When he told his friend about it, no one believed it, but his brother was interested in snakes and spiders. When he was called, he ran to Laura’s place and saw that the python was sitting inside the toilet with a coil.

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such a caught python

Laura’s friend’s brother Dan and his friend Steve try to catch the dragon together. But the python was stuck in the toilet bowl. After this they flushed the toilet, after which Steve and Dan caught the python. They thought that the python was someone’s pet, however, later when its owner could not be traced, it was handed over to the RSPCA. Laura is still in shock about that incident.

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