The woman, lying about cancer, raised lakhs and blew them in luxury, now the days are being spent in jail

In the desire of money, a 28 year old woman spoiled her life. The court has sent him to jail for forgery. The woman told people that she was suffering from cancer and needed a lot of money for her treatment. Later he spent that money on his luxury.

Sydney: In the craze of living a luxurious life, a 28-year-old woman created such a story of lies that everyone who heard it was astonished. The woman said that she has cancer and she will not live for more than three months. In the name of treatment, he collected lakhs of rupees from relatives-friends as well as common people and made him roam around.

Created Fake Medical Reports

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, 28-year-old Hannah Dickinson told her mother that she is suffering from rare cancer and will not survive more than three months. Hanna also prepared fake medical reports and bills to make her lies come true. After this, playing with the sentiments of the people, extorted money from them in the name of treatment. Anyone whom Hanna told about cancer, became sad and gave as much donation as possible.

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Dickinson raised so much money

Hannah Dickinson took 22 thousand pounds (about 23 lakh rupees) from friends and relatives and 54 thousand pounds (about 56 lakh rupees) from other people in the name of treatment. Hanna told people that her chemotherapy is about to start and she will go abroad for it. Whereas he spent all the money on his luxury. However, later somehow his lie came to the fore and he also got the punishment for his actions.

Punishment in another case

An Australian court sentenced Hannah Dickinson to two and a half years, which was later reduced to one year. Now in another forgery case, Melbourne Magistrate Court has sentenced him to four months. He has been found guilty of forging a fake certificate in the name of his manager. Not only this, the court has already convicted Dickinson in the case of L loan default.


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