The woman was going on a date with a stranger, googled the name and lost consciousness

Washington: In the age of technology, today is the age of online dating and people find their dating partner through sites. But sometimes in online dating there are cases of cheating that one would even dream of. The same thing happened with a woman living in America and now she has done the job of warning all women.

Dating strangers online

The woman said that with the help of the site she came in contact with a stranger and then the two planned to meet. But before going on the first date, the woman did a Google search for the person’s name. This decision proved to be his greatest knowledge because what Google said about dating partner was quite disgusting.

According to The Sun, the woman works as a manager at a company and speaks openly about her dating experience through TickTock. The woman from Cardwell of Shiner said that she met a man named Hinj on a dating site and after a few days of talking, the two decided to go on their first date.

The man has been arrested

Just before her date, the woman wanted to know more about her partner, and in this effort, she searched Google Hinge’s name. But on reaching there, the man was arrested in a kidnapping case, knowing that the ground slipped under the woman’s feet. She couldn’t believe that the person she had been dating online for so long was a real-life criminal.

Sharing this experience, Shina warns all women that before going on a date with a stranger, they must gather complete information about her so that you do not have this kind of cheating. The woman said that many times the truth of the person in front is not revealed through social media, so the matter should be fully investigated with the help of Google.

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There has been a flood of comments on social media about the woman’s ordeal. Many are praising his mind, while others are criticizing him. One user stated that he did not use online dating for all these reasons.

Many also told their stories in response to the TickTock video. One user said that after a friend did a Google search for his partner after the date, he found out that he had gone to jail for harassment and was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and biting her with a dog.

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