The world’s most unique swimming pool floating in the air! For this reason, it will be closed now

London: There will be many swimming pools in the world, but there is probably no one like the Sky Pool in London. The bridge appears to be floating in the sky because it is 115 feet high and has no ground beneath or cover from above. But the pool, which opened eight months ago, is now closing.

Pool Coast is too high

About 82 feet long and 115 feet high, this pool is known as Sky Pool. Seen from below, one can see a person floating in the air because there is no ground beneath it but a glass foundation. But now the cost of running this pool is so high that it may have to close.

In fact, the reason is that the electricity bill is coming in the management of the pool. Built in the most stylish area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, this swimming pool is being billed around Rs 1.50 crore annually. Despite this, buyers complain that the pool water is always cold even in winter.

Floating pool

According to The Mirror, it costs around Rs 45,000 per day to heat the pool water, making it difficult for the owners to bear the burden. Besides, people said that it is very cold here while swimming. It is difficult to stay in the pond for some time. In this case, the pool can be closed in winter.

Difficulties have increased due to severe winter

Everyone has to spend around Rs 9,000 for a swim. Nevertheless, it is difficult to manage in winter as tourists are not ready to come here due to the cold water.

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With the inauguration, the pool gained worldwide recognition as well as strong publicity through social media. The world’s first floating transparent pool is nowhere to be found and this feature is now a problem for it.

What’s so special about a swimming pool?

The pool is about 25 meters long and 14 meters wide. While swimming in it, you can see directly from top to bottom, as if floating in the sky. When diving in the pool it will feel like you are going to jump straight down but a glass foundation has been laid under the surface of the water.

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