The world’s oldest bungalow is being sold, with features you may not have seen or heard of before

London: The world’s oldest bungalow ready for sale on the property market. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. This Grade 2 listed bungalow, which has become a symbol of British elegance, has 6 bedrooms. This luxurious bungalow was built in 1874 under the supervision of the then famous architect John Taylor. We tell you that Taylor designed many stations on the London, Chatham and Dover Railway as holiday homes.

Features 20 crore bungalows

While this Rs 200 crore bungalow may have more than twenty specialties, if we talk about some of the biggest USPs, this bungalow is built on the beach. Some of its bedrooms face the sea like a cruise. The world’s oldest bungalow has been declared a heritage site in Britain. Whose corridor is no less than that of a 6-star hotel. It has two large receptions and two attached bathrooms.


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The trend is the oldest bungalow

When the news of this bungalow sale came, its pictures started trending in the internet world. A journalist has made Taylor’s invention unprecedented. After its construction was completed, the English surgeon Professor Wilson showed interest in it.

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Wilson was knighted in 1881 by Queen Victoria. He is considered as the number one dermatologist of that era. Who bought the first four bungalows designed by Taylor himself. Professor Wilson believed that such a bungalow could be the best model of cleanliness and beauty for any family. Then he wrote, ‘The idea of ​​a bungalow takes away people’s minds. But this bungalow is strange, beautiful and complete as described in a novel in terms of cleanliness and beauty.

The bungalow is being sold for the first time in forty years

150 years ago, the trend of such one-storey bungalows was considered a symbol of ‘bohemianism’ in Britain. This type of bungalow has always been popular among the elite. Many years ago it was launched as a holiday home so that people could come here on weekends and feel like elite class for a while. It has a 60 feet hall and a grand bar to entertain guests.

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(Photo: Cascade)

This bungalow has a large dining room and a very luxurious kitchen. There is a lawn in front of the main reception. The same back room has beautiful windows. Estate agents still describe the house as ‘innocent’, meaning it is far from dirty. He says it is available for sale for the first time in almost 40 years.

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