This woman became happy with the message, the person pays one and a half lakh per month

New Delhi: Can someone be paid every month just for texting? Strange as it may sound, a woman living in Indiana, USA has taken a salary of Rs 1.5 lakh per month from a person for texting. The man hired this woman to overcome his loneliness.

Want to get rid of loneliness

There are many people in the world who suffer from loneliness and need a partner. But many times it is not possible to do it physically and in such a situation people take someone as their de facto partner. She keeps looking for her onion in it and that is what helps her loneliness. The idea of ​​Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mummy is quite popular abroad and this person became the Sugar Daddy of the woman.

The woman also took the opportunity of the man’s loneliness and earned a lot of money in exchange for texting him. This woman named Bailey Hunter has revealed all these things in a tick video. This middle-aged man was looking for love for himself and the woman took this opportunity because she needed money.

1.5 lakh per month

According to the Mirror, Bailey Hunter said the man was much older than her but needed someone to cut her loneliness. I would take the opportunity to chat with him for 3 years and in return I would take one and a half thousand pounds (about one and a half lakh rupees) per month.

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Bailey first met the man at a restaurant where he works as a waiter. After that, the man gave Bailey a big tip and left his business card there. Bailey then called him and thanked him for the tip, and a conversation ensued. When Bailey moved in, the man helped her a lot and paid her Rs 1.5 lakh per month for texting.

Assign work to your friend

The issue did not end with salary alone. Bailey said he had asked for money from the person several times according to his needs and he had never refused. At the same time, she continues to spend heavily on moving and feeding the rapist. However, it did not last long and then left the city. The man then gave her a friend’s number so she could text him.

Now Bailey says he can’t find anyone in the new town who is willing to spend money for him. He says most people wanted to increase intimacy instead of talking through messages.

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