Who is Pakistani Abid Ali Khan? On which America has announced a reward of more than 150 crores

The US Home Department said that Abid Ali Khan makes people illegally enter America through all countries from Pakistan.

Washington: The US on Thursday announced a reward of two million dollars for human traffickers Abid Ali Khan and anyone providing information about his network. Abid Ali Khan is a Pakistani citizen.

network runs from pakistan

The US Home Department said that Abid Ali Khan runs a smuggling network from Pakistan and he takes money from people without legal documents and allows them to enter the US through the Middle East and South-West Asia. makes. The department said that Ali Khan, apart from illegally allowing people to enter the US through various countries from Pakistan, also provides forged documents for travel to foreign nationals.

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Two prizes of 10-10 lakhs

According to information provided by the US Department of Home Affairs, the first prize of $1 million has been fixed for the arrest or information about Abid Ali Khan, while the second reward of $1 million has been given to Ali Khan’s human trafficking network. Declared to provide complete exhaustive information.

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