Who is this behind Kim Jong Un in Captain America’s dress? Is North Korea engaged in making super soldiers?

Does North Korea really want to build such an army at any cost, which will be almost impossible to defeat.


New Delhi: Today we tell you about a film superhero who often travels to space to save human civilization. The name of this fictional superhero is Captain America, who is part of the team of superheroes Avengers. Captain America is the name of such a powerful character who can strike his enemy fast, and his reaction time is also very tremendous.

Captain America is not this Captain North Korea…

But now on the lines of this Captain America, a soldier has been seen in North Korea who is being called Captain North Korea on social media. On Tuesday, a military demonstration took place in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. In which North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un also attended. But during this time everyone’s eyes were fixed on a soldier present in a blue dress. The dress of this soldier was like the dress of Captain America. A lot of people are saying that North Korea is building such soldiers on the lines of super heroes who will be impossible to defeat. But many people are also making fun of this North Korean soldier and saying that it is a cheaper and lighter version of Captain America.

Power shown through military exhibition

But does North Korea really want to build such an army at any cost, which will be almost impossible to defeat. This has been announced by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un himself. In this military exhibition, some soldiers also demonstrated their strength and amazing ability.

Preparing to be a Super Soldier

Whether these soldiers of North Korea are really invincible or not, it cannot be said. But work is going on all over the world to build such soldiers, which would be really impossible to defeat in war. In the year 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin had said that a weapon more dangerous than an atomic bomb could soon appear in front of the world, he was referring to such super soldiers.

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Will robots protect the border?

China is at the forefront of this work. China is making such soldiers through Gene Editing who will neither feel cold nor heat, who will neither feel tired nor will feel pain. Apart from this, China and America are also making such robots which soldiers will be able to wear as a uniform.

Just like the superhero Iron Man wears an iron suit. This iron suit is a fictional robot. Which gives Iron Man unlimited powers. Once China has succeeded in making such soldiers, then it can easily give this technology to countries like North Korea. That is why it may be that the dictator Kim Jong Un is confident that one day he will build an army that will be invincible in war.



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