Why do these mountains catch fire again and again in the United States? The scientist’s secret was revealed

US Forest Fire: There has never been a fire in the last 2000 years as there has been in the 21st century. The number of fires has doubled. Once every 230 years, the forests around the lake were further damaged.

Montana: People are shocked after the record-breaking drought and fire incident in America West in 2020. Last year, the state of Colorado suffered three of the largest fires in its history. According to the evidence, the 2020 fire season has badly affected the country’s ecosystem.

The situation is very worrying

Scientists have also published evidence gathered in the study after an in-depth study published in the June 14 issue of the journal Science. Speaking of such an important piece of evidence, it is giving a serious warning by pointing out how global warming is affecting our ecosystem. It is clear that climate change is changing the ecosystem on which life and the economy depend.

A warning has been issued

A study conducted nearly a decade ago warned that by the middle of the twenty-first century, rising global warming could replace old levels at historic levels and flammability in some rocky mountain forests. Our results show that such changes in fire activity are now underway. As archaeologists, such scientists study how and why ecosystems have changed in the past. In the last few years, it has become increasingly clear that many of the world’s ecosystems are entering unknown states.

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Evidence of previous fires was preserved in the lake

When the fire burns the forest, small pieces of charcoal fly into the air. If there is a lake near the forest, the pieces of charcoal go to the bottom of the lake and connect to the old level. Carbon dating of tree trunks and figs helps us determine the age of each level arising from the lake. Dense charcoal layers will tell us when the fire started.

Results like this

Fires have never happened in the last 2000 years as they did in the 21st century. The number of fires has doubled. Scientists estimate that on average once every 230 years, the forests around the lake will be further damaged.

Research has clearly linked the recent increase in fire activity in the West to increasingly hot, dry summers and man-made climate change. Our evidence shows that the rate of combustion over the past 2,000 years has also detected minor changes in the climate of the Central Sheila Mountains region.

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Hot, dry conditions make plants more flammable and increase the likelihood of large fires. Tell us about human activities, most fires in the past, insect infested trees, when, where and how fires started. These effects differ across the western region, which is topped by the hot and dry conditions of the twenty-first century.

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