With a salary of Rs 40 lakh, he quit his corporate job and became a sweeper. Life was shaken in this accident.

New Delhi: Dancing, working in the kitchen, cleaning clothes by hand and enjoying the work of cleaning … This woman is not an ordinary sweeper, a woman who quits a corporate job worth Rs 40 lakh a month.

Corporate He quit his job and became a sweeper

According to The Sun, Britain’s Claire Burton quit her corporate job at a cost of Rs 4 million a month. He was inspired to become a sweeper by Mrs. Hinch, who was very famous on Instagram as a sweeper.

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In fact, in August 2001, he started working with Rs 15 lakh per month. This job was to be a customer service representative at a bank. At the time, she was living with her boyfriend, whom she met at a party in 1996. They were married in September 2003.

She likes to go to bars with friends and hang out outside the house.

“I loved my job and was leading the way. I spent a lot of money on my clothes and handbags. She loved going to bars and outings with my friends,” she said.

By 2017 he had become a communications engagement manager and now he got close to Rs 40 lakh. She has enjoyed cruise trips to the Caribbean and India with her husband Dave.

When her father died, everything fell apart.

When her father died in 2017, everything broke down and in the same year her husband also said that he did not love her and ended this marriage.

Then the world of his dreams broke. All his friends suddenly disappeared and he was alone. He then decided to become a sweeper from whom he would always save and he would pay other people to clean.

He also quit his job in January 2020

Afterwards, he found out on Instagram about Mrs. Hinch who did the same thing. Now he has begun to work four hours a week to relax. After that, in January 2020, he also quit his job and is now working full time as a sweeper. At the moment they have 6 clients that they need to raise.

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