Woman’s confession: ‘I had an affair with my sleeping husband, when I woke up, there was such a reaction’

New Delhi: Consent is the most important factor in any marriage. He can be at any level where mutual consent is most important for family decision making as well as relationship building. The relationship between husband and wife should be such that there is respect and consent for each other. But one woman sever this relationship of consent and then something like that happens to her.

Relationship with sleeping husband

The Sun website has run a series called ‘Dear Deadre’ to get people to know their personal privacy, where people share memorable moments of their lives. In this series, a woman said that she once had an affair with her sleeping husband, which made her very angry.

The woman said, “We are both 26 years old and we have been married for only one year.” My husband was very tired after coming from the office and showed no interest in bed. One day the woman finds a strange adventure and establishes a relationship with her husband after he falls asleep.

Allegations of rape against the husband

Telling her story, the woman said that I did not wake her up because she was tired and kept her eyes closed. But in the morning when the woman informed her husband about the matter, at first he was very angry but later he agreed. Although he said that you raped me last night because there was no consent from me at that time.

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After the husband said this, the woman also realized that he was right. Consent is the most important thing in any relationship and she did not take consent from her husband for this work. The husband said that even if I went to the police station with my complaint, he would give me full support. The woman then realizes her mistake and begins to regret her actions.

Consent is most important in a relationship

After the report, the woman’s story stated that consent is very important and should not be done if someone is intoxicated, unconscious or in some way unconscious. “It’s a matter of luck that you could have gotten into trouble if your husband hadn’t gone to the police,” the report said. But from this story, everyone has definitely got some kind of warning.

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